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Christian County Prevention Coalition Goal to Rid Community of Substance Abuse

Drug use has been a problem in and around Christian County, and one group is doing their best to put a stop to it. The Christian County Prevention Coalition has many subgroups that focus in on certain aspects of the community to try to create an impact and make the community safer for kids as they grow. Dennis Metsker, Member of the Christian County Prevention Coalition, said the organization is there to help anyone in the community, but focus in on the youth and give them a community that is free of substance abuse.

Mestker said the CPCC only meets every other month, but it has sub groups including the one he is a part of, the Impact Group that meets more often.

For more information on the CPCC or any of their subgroups, contact Metsker at 217-254-5027 or email him at dmdm5027@gmail.com. Metsker was recently a guest on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show.

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