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Corn farmers have been hurting the past few years because of Viptera, a GMO that has been introduced into a lot of corn because of the company Syngenta. Viptera is used as a pesticide to keep black cutworms and corn earworms from entering the crop and killing it, but when Syngenta began campaigning the pesticide, China, a major export of US corn, did not approve the GMO. Sean Fagan, an attourney at Mauro Archer and Associates, said that because China rejected hundreds of millions to billions of tons of corn over the past few years, they are trying to help the local farmers, regain the money they lost.

Fagan said Mauro Archer is trying a different way to reach out to the local farmers instead of calling them or advertising. They don't want the farmers to feel like a piece of meat, but people who have been through a lot and who need a true helping hand.

Mauro Archer and Associates have had meetings with local farmers in the local areas last week and early this week. More information on Mauro Archer can be found at midwestcornlawsuit.com, or call them at 515-635-1626. Fagan recently appeared on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show. 

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