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Central Illinois Public Transit operates in seven counties in central Illinois, including Effingham, Shelby, Christian, Montgomery, Clay, Moultrie, and Fayette Counties. One thing that not everyone knows about CIPT is that people who use the service aren't limited to staying within the county they reside. Nathan Nichols, CIPT Mobility Manager, said that the drivers will take riders wherever they need to go as long as it's in one of the 7 counties the service is located. He also said that during specific days of the month they will travel outside of their service location for trips to areas such as Springfield and Decatur.

Nichols also said that the number of riders they service has been increasing steadily since last year.

For more information on Central Illinois Public Transit, go to cefseoc.org or find their Facebook Page for a full list of events by searching Central Illinois Public Transit. Nichols recently appeared on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show. 

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