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The Christian County Health Department will be participating in a state-wide emergency preparedness exercise on June 15th. Nancy Martin, Public Health Administrator at the Christian County Health Department spoke with Regional Radio News recently, and shared what the exercise entails.



The exercise will simulate an Anthrax release. It will require the State to request the Strategic National Stockpile of medications, receive them within 12 hours of the request, break down the packages, and distribute them across the state to locations where the medications are needed. Martin said how the exercise serves as a way for the various health departments and hospitals within Christian County that are participating in the exercise to practice distributing medications to the public during an emergency.



The Christian County Health Department itself will be practicing their drive thru dispensing plan as a Closed Point of Dispensing scenario for first responders. The Christian County Health Department’s office in Taylorville will also be closed the day of the exercise, so the staff may train and exercise for emergency preparedness. Residents may leave a voicemail message, and their call will be returned the next day.

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