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The Rural Electric Convenience Cooperative will be holding their annual meeting Thursday, June 9th at Glenwood High School in Chatham. The meeting has several things planned. Dana Smith, Manager of Public Relations for the Co-Op spoke with Regional Radio News recently and conveyed what those things are.



You do need to be a member of the Rural Electric Convenience Coop to register for the meeting, although Smith did say that others are invited to stop by should you be interested in the displays that the meeting will have or some of the vendors that will be there. Smith mentioned how the meeting will see three new members of the Co-Ops board being elected.



Rural Electric was formed nearly 80 years ago in an effort to bring electricity to rural areas of the country. The Rural Electric Convenience Coop’s meeting this year will mark the 79th year of the meeting. For more information on the Co-Op, visit recc.coop.

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