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Tornado Warnings were issued for several counties in the Regional Radio listening area early Wednesday evening, as one touchdown and one funnel cloud were reported to the National Weather Service in the Raymond-Nokomis area.

A tornado touched down east of Raymond, and remained on the ground moving towards Morrisonville, between 6:45 and 7:15 Wednesday night, prompting tornado warnings for Montgomery and Christian Counties thru the 7 o'clock hour.

And, a funnel cloud from another severe thunderstorm was spotted west of Nokomis around 7:05.

Christian County Emergency Management Agency Director Mike Crews told Regional Radio News during our live severe weather coverage last night, that the spotters were out with no damage reported.

And, Crews said that his agency asked for the tornado sirens to be activated in the City of Taylorville because of the threat.

Shelby County Emergency Management Agency Director Jared Rowcliffe told Regional Radio News Wednesday night, that he did not receive any reports of damage from the severe weather that went thru his county. 

And, likewise for Montgomery County Emergency Management Agency Director Diana Holmes, who told us that their county—including Raymond—did not suffer any damage.

We were unable to reach Fayette County Emergency Management Agency Director Kendra Craig after Wednesday night's severe weather went thru her county.

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