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A Northern Illinois school district’s superintendent is responding to critics who question the wisdom of a 10-year contract with the teachers union.

Former Palatine School Board President Tim Millar told the Chicago Tribune, “it’s insane” the school board approved the contract because the board can’t anticipate district finances in 10 years.

Palatine area Community Consolidated School District 15 Superintendent Scott Thompson says the contract is a long-term stability package for the community. Millar also questioned having former teachers union president Lisa Nuss in charge of the district’s human resources department. Thompson says Millar’s comments suggest higher-level control has been taken away.

Thompson says contract terms have been ratified but the entire document is not ready to be released. The school district is working feverishly, Thompson says, to finalize the language before the public gets a copy.

Despite the terms being ratified, the contract hasn’t been released to the public. Superintendent Scott Thompson says language is still being finalized.

Republican state Rep. Jeanne Ives says a bill stuck in a legislative committee would have required proposed contracts to be posted online in advance of being approved. Ives says taxpayers deserve to know what’s in a contract, especially with the uncertainty of state funding.

Ives says she will try to attach her measure to additional legislation from the Senate.


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