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The Christian County Board held two meetings last night. The first meeting was a “Committee of the Whole” meeting where the issue of the music that plays from the county courthouse was discussed. Anybody in favor of or against the music had several minutes to speak before the board to state their arguments as to whether the music should or shouldn’t be played at the Courthouse. After, the County Board would take into consideration all arguments and then discuss the sound system from the courthouse as it applied to the time and days the music played, as well as who will operate and oversee the sound system. Taylorville resident and former business owner Chris Biondolino spoke before the county board where he explained why he was against the music being played at the courthouse.



Ed Downs from the Downtown Taylorville Committee also had a chance to address the board. Downs stated that he was in favor of the music being played, and mentioned how the vast majority of the response to the music has been positive.



Ultimately the Christian County Board motioned that the music being played from the speakers at the Courthouse would only be played Monday through Saturday from 9AM until 4PM, with any special events that don’t fall within these times, needing to get approval from the County Board to use the speakers. The County Board also motioned for County Board Chairman Paul Schmitz to have control over the music.


The second meeting of the County Board of the night was the usual County Board meeting. Most of the meeting was simply reviewing and motioning on several items that had been discussed in meetings held since the last County Board meeting, such as opening of a line of credit for the county to temporarily fund the 9-1-1 system until state reimbursements are received. One topic that generated heated discussion was a motion to give several elected officials in the county a raise. The controversy came due to the county currently having a $700,000 budget deficit. County Board Member Ashley Linton commented saying how the County Board needs to take responsibility for that deficit.



The motion did carry to raise the salaries of those county employees. Several other motions were discussed and carried, with the County Board Meeting adjourning at approximately 7:30.

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