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The Taylorville School Board met in regular session last night. There were several items on the agenda; however one issue that was discussed at length was the continued school funding issue in the State of Illinois. Superintendent Dr. Greggory Fuerstenau mentioned how with the current state budget impasse, the Taylorville School District could see its state aid funding end in July. Dr. Fuerstenau also commented on what that might mean for the Taylorville School District.



Dr. Fuerstenau mentioned that part of the difficulties of this would be that the school is already working on its FY17 budget. Without knowing the figures that the school district would receive in state aid funding, the district doesn’t know exactly what its revenue would be for the coming school year. The question has been asked as to just how far the Taylorville School District can go without receiving any state aid. Dr. Fuerstenau answered that question by saying how the Taylorville School District can survive longer than some, but the real question is whether or not School Districts will receive aid to replenish the money spent to stay open.



Another discussed item on the agenda was the hiring of Lacy Glenn as a Guidance Counselor for Taylorville High School. Board Member Katie Fraley asked what Glenn’s qualifications were to make her a good fit for the position. A Taylorville School District employee in attendance answered Fraley’s question mentioning her work as a guidance counselor in another school district, with Dr. Fuerstenau adding in what the school district was looking for for the position.



Other items on the agenda included consideration of the 2016-2017 custodial bills, consideration of the appointment of the school district’s auditor for the fiscal year ending June 30th, 2016, consideration of Taylorville High School 2016-2017 handbook changes, consideration of the Discipline Committee’s 2016-2017 Discipline Code changes, as well as consideration of the Taylorville High School Summer School Program. All considerations passed without much discussion. The meeting adjourned at approximately 7:58PM.

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