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The Kincaid Baptist Church has established a disaster relief fund under the direction of Reverend Louis Kunz, to provide relief and recovery assistance to the remaining damaged homes. John McClure, who instigated the Kincaid Disaster Relief Fund, told Regional Radio News he decided to start up the fund after FEMA denied the state’s request for federal assistance.

Funds raised from the effort will be managed by the Kincaid Baptist Church Ministry and are 100% tax deductible. The Ministry will only pay contractors for the supplies, as the citizens affected by the flood do not receive money. All donations will go to repairing damages to the homes caused by the flood. Their goal of the fundraising effort is $50,000. 


For more information, you can contact Kunz at 217-638-4458 or by e-mail at: louiskunz43@gmail.com. 

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