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Citizens for Education Provide Input Following School Board Meeting; CFE Progress Report Provided

During the beginning of the Taylorville Community Unit School District #3 Board meeting on Monday night, Superintendent Dr. Gregg Fuerstenau and Board President Steve Milling, thanked Jenny Moats, Taylorville District Grade School Nurse and Parent, along with community members for attending the House Education Task Force in Springfield recently. Moats told Regional Radio News following the school board meeting she was pleased that only the transportation funds for Taylorville Junior High and freshman athletics were cut as the proposed cuts in January were more significant.

Melisa Livingston, Taylorville District Parent and Substitute Teacher, says they will continue to support the school district and stay informed. She also mentioned they are getting the grassroots of the group established.

Tonya Gideon, a Taylorville District Parent, stated a website has been launched which is www.citizensforeducation.org and is constantly being updated with information.

The Citizens for Education has recently joined a coalition which is Funding Illinois Future which is comprised of more than 230 members. More information can be found at fundingILfuture.org. 

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