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The Taylorville Park District met in regular session on Monday night, and President Marlane Miller was absent. The Board heard from Justin Hall, one of the organizers from the softball league. Hall stated they would like to receive permission from the board about starting the league again this year.

Hall proposed a spring league that will start in April to mid-June, then take a few weeks off, then start up in the fall, but not go quite as late into the year as last year. Hall also noted there are people in communities such as Pana, Kincaid, Edinburg, Auburn, and Chatham that have shown interest in participating in the league. The games will be played on Sundays only. Parking and practices were also discussed. Vice President Don Bragg gave his approval of starting the softball league again this year.

In other Taylorville Park Board action, the Board adopted the Fiscal Year 2016/2017 Operating Budget as presented. There will be a 30 day notice for public inspection and then it will be presented to the Board, to where it will be voted on to be finalized. Secretary/Bookkeeper MaryAnn Becker told Regional Radio News following the meeting that the budget is the same as last year, though the pool may need improvements.

The Board also approved a motion to adopt resolution 2016-1, which is the Internal Revenue Code Section 125 Plan as IMRF Earnings. Becker stated during the meeting they have always done it correctly, but need to have it on file.

After approving the motion, the Board heard committee reports.

In other Taylorville Park Board action, Secretary/Bookkeeper MaryAnn Becker addressed the Board about the recent rise in vandalism at Jayne’s Park as picnic tables and playground equipment have either been damaged or destroyed. Becker says funds are available and she is looking into over venues to purchase surveillance equipment. She has also been talking to Officer Alan Mills of the Taylorville Police Department on how to stop the vandalism from happening.

Becker hopes kids will come forward if they know who is committing the vandalism.

The Board approved the payment of bills and adjourned at 7:26 p.m. 

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