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The Taylorville City Council passed a number of motions and heard 3 different presentations from the public, at their Monday night meeting.

One of the public presentations was from neighbors John Adams and Mary Wetzel, who complained to the Council about their neighbor, Doug Hughes, who resides at 1001 East Stevenson. Adams and Wetzel said that Hughes operates a tree trimming business from his house, and as a result, several large trucks are parked in their neighborhood allegedly damaging culverts and blocking property. Adams cited some of the problems with the business being in their neighborhood, but Hughes allegedly told Adams he knew all the police.

[audio:3021585028-AdamsaudioMar215.mp3]comment here[/audio]

Wetzel added that while she was at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis with her husband for his illness, Hughes allegedly parked his trucks on her private property for 3 days.
After their presentation, Mayor Greg Brotherton directed Police Chief Dave Herpstreith and Health and Building Officer George Calvert, to investigate the complaints.

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