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  width=During the regular monthly meeting of the Christian County Board Tuesday night, Chairman Paul Schmitz shared a letter of resignation submitted by longtime District 4 board member, Lloyd Washburn of Morrisonville who was absent from the meeting. Washburn cited physical difficulties as the defining factor in his necessity to resign. Chairman Schmitz expressed his regrets in having to accept the resignation in light of the years of service that Mr. Washburn has given to the people of District 4 and all of Christian County.

In an abbreviated meeting, the board approved the 2015 fuel bids. The winning bid was submitted by Christian County FS. A bid of 8 cents over refinery price for B2 clear and B2 dyed diesel and 3 cents for winter additive was approved as well as 8 cents over refinery price for gasahol. The board also approved the purchase of a Cobra Pro MK1 gas powered post driver. 3 bids were submitted with Decker Supply turning the low bid at $4196.18.

Also at last night's Christian County Board meeting, Marchelle Kassbaum, Regional Superintendant of Education for Christian and Montgomery counties, gave a quick update on the progress of the wife and daughter of her assistant, Greg Patrick, who were involved in an auto accident 10 days previously. Both are doing extremely well and Patrick is expected back in the office within the next few days. Superintendant Kassbaum then introduced Julie Wollerman, Regional Superintendant of Education for Bond and Effingham counties. She notified the board that everything was moving forward smoothly for the consolidation of the 2 Regional offices of Education.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:50.

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