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Tilar Miller, 21, of Taylorville, was arrested on December 21st on a bond forfeiture warrant for battery.

Devin Stockdale, 19, of Tovey, was arrested on December 19th for manufacturing/delivering cannabis 10-30 grams.

Nakiya Johnson, 21, of Decatur, was arrested on an original arrest warrant for driving on a suspended/revoked license.

Heather Marley, 26, of Pana, was arrested on December 21st for domestic battery.



On December 10th at 1:49 a.m., David A. Griffiths, 33, of Taylorville, was south bound on county road 900 East just south of the intersection 650 North. He hydroplaned on the water covered roadway, lost control entering the east ditch. He overturned his 2000 Ponyiac Coupe and came to rest facing north. No report of injury.

On December 19th at 7:10a.m., Jennifer L. Friend, 34, of Taylorville and Cody E. Thompson, 23, of Girard, were south bound on Illinois Route 48 approaching 1025 North Road. As he was making the turn, Friend was passing him. When he saw Friend at the last second he steered back to his right in an attempt to minimize the damage to Friend. Friend stated she saw Thompson and he was moving very slow. She saw the hazard lights on Thompson's vehicle, but did not see a turn signal. She them began to pass Thompson and he turned into her. Thr front driver's side corner of Thompson struck Friend in the passender side, just behind the passenger rear door. When the officer arrived on scene, Friend and Thompson had moved off to the side of the road. Thompson has four yellow/amber lights on the rear. Two of them are at the top and the other two are located next to the red tail/brake lights at the bottom. When the officer arrived, the two at the top were strobing like hazard lights and the bottom left amber turn signal was activated.



On December 17th, at 12:20 a.m., officers were dispatched to 519 E. Vine Street in reference to an intoxicated male. Alejandro M. Calan, of Taylorville, was found outside in the 500 block of East Vine street. He was arrested for public intoxication and transported to the Taylorville Police Department for processing.

On December 18th at 5:46 p.m., Taylorville Police Officers were on patrol and observed a three vehicle accident at Webster and Spresser. Subsequent to investigation, Mary J. Hill, of Taylorville, was arrested for DUI and possession of cannabis.

On December 19th, officers conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle driven by Devin R. Stockdale, of Kincaid, Subsequent to the traffic stop, Stockdale was placed under arrest for possession of cannabis with the intent to deliver.



Steven J. Dewitt, of Taylorville, was traveling east on Springfiled Road when the vehicle in front, Holly Woods, of Morrisonville, stopped suddenly. Dewitt advised this caused him to stop suddenly and he was unable to stop before striking Woods in the rear. Dewitt had front -end damage and was given a citation for failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident. Wood advised she was traveling east on Springfield Road when the vehicle in front of her slowed down to make a right turn. Woods advised the vehicle then stopped suddenly causing her to stop. Woods said Dewitt could not stop and struck her vehicle in the rear. Woods received minor damage to her rear bumper.

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