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On December 16th at 3:58 p.m., James G. Tirpak Jr., 30, of Kincaid, was traveling south west on Illinois Rt. 48 following David A. Cox, 62, of Decatur, and at least one other vehicle, that was being driven by witness Scott Beard. Cox activated his left turn signal and prepared to turn south onto 1700 east road. As witness Scott Beard applied his brakes, Tirpak bagan to pass him on the left. As Tirpak approached the front of Cox's vehicle, Cox began to turn. Tirpak stated he was unable to see Cox's turn signal due to the witnesses vehicle being positioned between the two. Tirpak's passenger side then collided with the front drivers side of Cox's vehicle. The collision caused Tirpak to lose control and he began to overturn. Tirpak overturned two and a half times and the 2003 Mitsubishi 4-door he was driving came to rest on it's top in the ditch.



On December 8th, a Taylorville Police Officer spoke to Walmart Loss Prevention in regards to a retail theft. The female subject, Breanne L. True, of Taylorville, was arrested. She was processed and released on a Notice to Appear.



On December 17th, a Taylorville Police Officer was dispatched to Webster in front of Jensen's for an accident with no injuries. Upon arrival, Margie V. Smith, of Taylorvile, and Toni F. Clark, of Taylorville, were still in the roadway. Clark said she was traveling north on Webster when Smith pulled out in front of her and she struck the vehicle. Smith said she was turning into KFC's parking lot when she was struck by Clark. Smith's 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix was towed due to the crash. Smith was issued a citation for failure to yield.

On December 16th, Chris L. Rexroad, of Taylorville, was entering into the left turn lane at the intersection at Shumway and Spresser when he decided to change lanes to make a right turn into Amiy Food Mart. Rexroad said he did not see Michele R. Hefley, of Nokomis, change lanes. Rexroad struck the drivers door, mirror and front quarter panel of Hefley's vehicle. Rexroad had damage to the passenger's quarter panel.


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