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The Christian County Board met in the last session of the year and approved a long awaited resolution authorizing the Christian County Senior Citizens Center to submit an application for public transportation funds in Christian County, one of only 3 counties in the state without public transportation. The Senior Center advised that they presently operate 10 buses and that many seats are available on these buses. The advantages to the County include no start up monies and funds reimbursed directly to the County quarterly and then reimbursed by the County to the Senior Center. There was some discussion about the charges to passengers. It was pointed out that presently the busses are used under a program called 5310 that does not require passengers to pay, however passengers can pay a $2 fee if they choose. When the busses become public transportation, they will fall under the 5311 program which would require passengers to pay a minimal fee. The motion was approved with 1 no vote.


The Board also heard a report concerning the state of the financial software presently being used by the County Clerk and Treasurer's offices. Representatives from Zobrio, a financial software company, offered an upgrade or new system, stating the present system would no longer offer system updates in 18 months and support maintenance costs on the 20 year old system would increase by approximately 15%. It was decided to have the County Clerk and Treasurer develop their needs for a new or upgraded system and report back to the committee.


In other business the Board approved resolutions to appropriate funds in the amount of $750,000 for maintenance during FY2015, $60,000 for payment of social security and IMRF during FY2015 and $107,900 for payment of the salary and expenses of the County Engineer for FY2015. All funds were appropriated from the Motor Fuel Tax Fund. The Board also unanimously approved a Memorandum of Understanding with AFSCME to transfer a highway employee, his income and insurance from the highway department to the new position of Building and Grounds Maintainer for the Courthouse. It was also noted that no candidates passed the testing required for the vacant Supervisor of Assessment. The meeting was adjourned at 7:05.

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