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Taylorville Aldermen Accept Hathaway Homes Subdivision After Debate

 width=In a 40-minute meeting Monday night, the Taylorville City Council addressed a number of motions, one of which became contentious.

City engineer Joe Greene had inspected the roads in the new Hathaway Homes subdivision recently constructed on the city's west side by Christian County Integrated Community Services. Greene indicated in a letter to the city, that the per city code, the city had to formally accept the subdivision.

That letter went to the council's Street and Sewer Committee, which recommended to the full Council on a vote of 2 to one with one abstention, to accept the subdivision.

The motion to accept the Hathaway Homes subdivision, brought up old wounds between those who opposed the project from the start, and those who wanted to get the issue behind them. The city held up construction of the project, and later had to settle a law suit filed by C-C-I-C-S and the project's general contractor, Siegrist Builders, out of court.

Alderman Rob Heberling told the Council Monday night, that when he brought up issues pertaining to C-C-I-C-S, both officials with the county housing agency, and their attorney, laughed at him.

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Taylorville mayor Greg Brotherton tried to convince aldermen to get the whole Hathaway Homes issue behind them by approving the acceptance of the subdivision, but that brought more comment from Alderman Martin Vota, who said that construction of the subdivision will now require opening the gap on West Park Avenue between Pine and North Abby Streets.

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In the end, aldermen voted 5 to 2 to accept the subdivision. Aldermen Rob Heberling and Martin Vota both voted no, and alderman Shawn Burtle abstained. The vote means the city provides city services to the subdivision such as snow removal, police and fire protection.

The Taylorville City Council passed several items in their Monday night meeting. Aldermen passed the annual tax levy; they voted to advertise a position in the street department and one in the treasurer's office due to vacancies; purchased a water analyzer for the water department costing some 64-hundred dollars; passed a severe weather policy; and awarded the Central Avenue Storm Sewer Project to the lowest bidder, Illinois Meter, at a price of some 91-thousand 300-dollars.

Taylorville aldermen last night OK'd a sewer project in the 700 and 800 blocks of Poplar and Vine, between Shumway and Morton Streets, spending some 47-thousand 200-dollars to Performance Pipelining, Incorporated; they purchased a number of mineral supplies for the water department; and refunded a late fee payment on a lake lot.

The Taylorville Council, after recommendations from the Lake and Airport Committee, made changes in the 2015 Lake Lot and Campground Leases including stressing that there is no sub-leasing allowed; they increased lease transfer fees from 10 to 30-dollars; they will now allow only one transfer per year with city approval; and removed septic tank wording and adding wording requiring concrete holding tanks.

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