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Superintendent Gregg Fuerstenau painted a very uncertain future for the School Board as far as State Funding is concerned in the coming year. Dr. Fuerstenau pointed to several key factors that lead to the uncertainty including the statement of Govenor Elect Bruce Rauner that the State budget is in much worse shape than had been originally anticipated. That fear, along with the income tax rollback, general state aid being most likely prorated again for FY2015, a flat local tax levy and enrollment decline at the kindergarten level next year paint a very cloudy future for state funding. As if these issues aren't enough, the possibility of a loss of Categorical Payments could push the deficit of the District well over the one million dollar figure. Dr. Fuerstenau warned that there would need to be some major discussions in the upcoming months to determine how to live within the shrinking State Funding.

The other big item brought before the Board was presented by Athletic Director Paul Held. Mr. Held gave a report on the upcoming vote by all schools in the IHSA concerning the revamping of the regular season and playoffs for high school football. It has been proposed by the IHSA that the regular season take place in 7, 8 or 9 team regions, effectively replacing conferences. The regions would be based on geography and enrollment and would be determined by the IHSA. These regions would be valid for 2 years, effectively removing the guesswork of the season. Depending on the size of the region, you would have the option of 1 to 3 non region games. Playoffs would be comprised of the top 4 teams from each region. The biggest advantage would be the knowledge of what class the school is in at the start of the season. It was determined that before the board voted for or against the proposal, they would hold a special meeting to allow the public to ask questions and voice their concerns. This meeting will be held on Monday, December 15th at 7 pm. The District has until December 27th to record their vote.

In other business, the Board approved the Tax Levy for 2014 at 2.8%, the maximum allowable. The dollar amount this will provide is $8,896,081. They also heard the proposed course changes for 2015-2016. Mrs. Fraley gave a report on the Delegate Assembly of the Illinois Association of School Boards. The resolution for the issue of General Obligation Limited School Bonds was postponed until a later date.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:10.

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