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On November 29th, at approximately 2:56am, 911 radioed the Taylorville Police Department in reference to a domestic disturbance at 317 E. Main Cross Apt.#3. Upon arrival, the officer spoke with Rick A. Dixon and involved Vickie S. Olive said that form the time they had left his house earlier in the shift that his daughter/arrestee Rachel A. Dixon had been out of control. While at the apartment, Rachel did not return to the apartment. Olive wanted her to be given a trespass warning to the residence. No contact was made at the time of the report. At 3:14am, from across the street, the officer saw Rachel run from the alleyway towards the apartment banging on the door. The officer drove down the alley able to hear her most of the time. Rachel A. Dixon, of Taylorville, was arrested for public intoxication. She was transported to the Taylorville Police Department to be processes and released on a Notice to Appear.

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