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Area police report making a number of drug arrests last Thursday (11-20-14).


Taylorville Police say just before 5:00pm, they were sent to the 800 block of East Franklin. An anonymous caller had alerted dispatch to apparent drug use there, in a parked white station wagon.


After an investigation, 25 year-old Keith Weller of Taylorville was arrested on a charge of possession of methamphetamine.  He was reportedly taken to the Christian County Jail. 


Also Thursday, three people were arrested on identical charges. Reports say 22 year-old Tiffany Hoffa of Taylorville,  18 year-old Joseph Gordon of Arlington Texas and 21 year-old Alexandria Rader of Dallas Texas are charged with possession of drug paraphenalia. 


The reports don't specify whether or not any of the arrests are related.


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