Local News

In Tuesday's elections, the local vote supported the winners, with a few exceptions.

Hometown favorite Rodney Davis exceeded his statewide percentages, getting 76% of the Christian County vote in his race for the 13th Congessional district against Ann Callis. Davis scored victories in Shelby and Montgomery Counties as well. Davis won district wide 59 to 41%.

Although he defeated challenger Linda Little for the 48th State Senate race, incumbent Andy Manar did not win the Christian County vote. Linda Little scored 52% in the county, compared to Manar's 48%. Manar also fell short in Montgomery County by just 39 votes.

The local vote for governor reflected the state wide results. In Christian County, winner Bruce Rauner notched 65% of the vote, while Pat Quinn picked up only 28%. In Shelby County, Rauner won by an even bigger margin, 71 to 21%. In Montgomery County, the split favored Rauner 60 to 32%. State wide Rauner won 51 to 46% over the incumbent Quinn.


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