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Christian County Coroner Amy Winans tells Regional Radio News that a story reported by Fox Illinois Thursday night, on the cause of death of Mary Jane Agnew, is incorrect.

Winans tells us that Mrs. Agnew died in June 2013 and Wednesday's ruling on the cause of death, was the first and only ruling of the death. Winans adds that the case in the Coroner's office has been pending investigation as manner and on a temporary death certificate.

Winans says she filed the permanent death certificate on Thursday in the Christian County Clerk's office after the jury came back with the inquest. Winans emphasized she did not know where Fox Illinois got their information, and she had not received any calls from them, adding that an inquest is neither a civil or criminal trial proceeding but merely and inquest into the manner and cause of death.

Winans stressed to us that at no time has there ever been an official ruling of accidental so there was never any change, adding that this manner of homicide is the first official manner ever put on a death certificate and certified by the Christian County Coroner.

Fox Illinois reported Thursday night, that the cause of death had been changed from accidental to homicide, which Winans is saying is incorrect.

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