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Taylorville aldermen acted on a number of issues in their regular City Council meeting held before their special session Monday night.


The Council saw City Clerk Pam Peabody swear in Taylorville's newest police officer, Chase Dickey, who was given a standing ovation following the ceremony.


Aldermen OK'd an intergovermental cooperation agreement with the Taylorville Park District to allow borrowing of city equipment; they OK'd a street maintenance resolution; left salaries for aldermen as is after the April 2015 election; amended and deleted several regulations governing Lake Taylorville; and OK'd extending a water main to serve the Mahan Property at 1509 West Hewitt Street. They also accepted Star Electric's offer to donate and install light fixtures at Oak Hill Cemetery to light the cannons on display there.


In a short regular City Council meeting Monday night, Taylorville aldermen passed a number of motions. Aldermen approved concrete work at the Fire station costing almost 16-thousand dollars; they OK'd spending some 15-hundred dollars for sealcoating the Fire Station front parking lot; they approved the Band Booster Charitable Fund Drive at Webster and West Main Cross October 17th and 18th; allowed the Taylorville Sanitary District to install a 26-foot-long guard rail along South Cherokee; and voted 6 to 2 to buy a new truck for the Street Department costing some 40-thousand dollars.


Taylorville City Council members Monday night approved a Sam Taylor Facade Grant application from Don Broaddus at 115 West Main Cross for 75-hundred dollars; paid 50-thousand dollars from the general to the water fund as the general fund continues to pay off money loaned between departments; approved taking Hotel/Motel Tax monies to pay for airfare and lodging of actress Joyce Taylor and author Joe Jordan costing some 283-dollars; and spent some 14-hundred dollars to acquire new cell phones for the Emergency Services Department, with an 817-dollar monthly access fee; and allowed the Fire Department to purchase a 3G Gateway Transmitter and Data plan with a total cost of some 18-hundred dollars.

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