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 width=3 days full of events on the Taylorville square, and at the Christian County Historical Society, are scheduled for this Friday, Saturday and Sunday as the county seat hosts the annual Greater Taylorville Chamber Chillifest and the 175th Anniversary Celebration of Taylorville and Christian County.

The 175th Anniversary Celebration kicks off this Friday at the Historical Society grounds, when the 10th Illinois Volunteer Calvary Unit regiment arrive on the grounds at about noon. Friday night, there are 2 performances of the “Lincoln Almanac Trial” at 6pm and 7:30pm, with dessert and drink provided.

Saturday's events include the Chillifest Little Miss, Little Mister, and Junior Miss pageants, the 175th Anniversary Parade, and lots of history and entertainment both on the square and at the Historical Society grounds.

Sunday's activities include a 2nd day of International Chilli Society judging, a “Happy Birthday” celebration to Taylorville and Christian County, food and entertainment again at both locations.

A shuttle will deliver people between the Taylorville square and the Historical Society grounds, both days, running every hour.

For more information on the Greater Taylorville Chamber Chillifest and the 175th Anniversary Celebration, click the "Chillifest" icon at taylorvilledailynews.com.

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