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Springfield, IL – Law enforcement officials are reminding motorists to take the necessary safety precautions to prevent senseless tragedies during the upcoming Labor Day holiday weekend.

Continuing through Tuesday, September 2, the Illinois State Police will enforce the four most common traffic violations: speeding, DUI, seat belts, and distracted driving. Troopers will also be on heightened alert monitoring intelligence from the Statewide Terrorism Intelligence Center (STIC) for suspicious vehicles, special alerts, and any criminal activity crossing state lines.

Labor Day marks the end of summer for families and the beginning of a new school year. Many families and young adults will be on the roads and especially vulnerable to driving under the influence.

District 9 added that Alcohol Counter Enforcement (ACE) patrols and roadside safety checks will also be operational. Driving under the influence is still the number one cause for traffic crashes and fatalities, especially during holiday celebrations. Designating a driver or arranging for public transportation saves lives. Drinking and driving is a deadly combination. Nearly two of five Americans will be involved in an alcohol-related traffic crash, with over 40 percent resulting in a fatality.


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