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Taylorville City Council Annexes/Re-Zones Hamell Property


The Taylorville City Council met Monday night and approved the annexation and re-zoning of the Hamell property located at 1514 West Vandeveer. Questions were raised though when it came to approving a variance that would not require a sidewalk to be built due to a large ditch. Alderman Shawn Burtle says while there is the City Ordinance that mandates a sidewalk, he believes that this is an exception that needed to be approved:

[audio:burtlesidewalk072114.mp3]comment here[/audio]

Alderman Martin Vota agreed that the variance should be granted because of the cost it would be to fill in that ditch:

[audio:votasidewalk072214.mp3]comment here[/audio]

After the discussion, the Council approved the variance for no sidewalk on a 6-2 vote. The Council also approved the final plat for the Hamell Minor Subdivision.


The Taylorville City Council heard an update on the Ahlstrom situation at their Monday night meeting. Alderman Larry Budd says the stack repair is nearing completion:

[audio:buddahlstromtower072214.mp3]comment here[/audio]

The noise issue started when Ahlstrom installed EPA mandated equipment.


The Taylorville City Council approved a motion to fill a vacancy in the Fire Department, due to a resignation, to meet SAFER Grant Obligations. The Council approved the sale of the 1990 Pierce Fire Truck to Ramsey and approved the motion to make repairs to Engine 4. Taylorville Assistant Fire Chief Andy Goodall told the Council that Ramsey will allow the Fire Department to keep the Pierce Fire Truck while repairs to Engine 4 are made so they are not down 2 trucks. Alderman Martin Vota noted that the Owaneco Sewage draining into Lake Taylorville concerns have been forwarded to the Christian County Board. Mayor Greg Brotherton said he contacted the Illinois EPA who told him the issue did not concern them.

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