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On July 17 at 9:57pm, a 16-year-old male juvenile from Pana was traveling northbound on 2400 East Road. The male turned left on 400 North Road and began to spin the tires. The vehicle slid sideways for approximately 90 feet before the 16-year-old reportedly overcorrected and lost control. The vehicle then struck the north ditch and overturned. The male and 2 passengers, another 16-year-old male from Pana and a 16-year-old female from Pana, were all taken to Pana Community Hospital with injuries described as minor by the report.

On July 11 at 5:04pm, Riki L. Dial, Jr., 44, of Decatur was traveling west on County Highway 2. At 1125 East, a deer entered the roadway from the south and into Dial, Jr.'s path of travel. Dial, Jr. then collided with the deer in the roadway. No injuries were reported.

On July 17 at 7:30am, Matthew L. Fry, 36, of Taylorville was northbound on County Highway 1 and Brian L. Wilbur, 35, of Tovey was southbound on County Highway 1. Fry said that Wilbur was southbound and turned east onto County Highway 8 in front of him. Fry said that Wilbur was too close and he had to brake hard and steer to the left to avoid a collision. Fry avoided Wilbur but ran off the road into the west ditch. Wilbur stated he did not see Fry and turned onto County Highway 8. Wilbur said that when he heard the screech of brakes, he looked and saw the car but he was already on County Highway 8 when he heard the squealing brakes. He then parked in a rock lot on the north side of County Highway 8. There were no observable skid marks in the roadway but several witnesses said they also heard Fry breaking hard. No injuries were reported.


Travis S. Moma, 20, of 103 North Chestnut, Assumption, was arrested July 17 for burglary, aggravated possession of 11-20 stolen firearms, and obstructing justice.

George R. Frauli, 57, of 309 East Douglas Street, Edinburg, was arrested July 17 on a warrant for 720 550/4-D

William R. Graham, 31, of 311 West Illinois Street, Assumption, was arrested July 17 on a bond forfeiture for the issuance of a warrant.

Taylor D. Bowman, 20, of 103 North Chestnut, Assumption, was arrested July 18 for aggravated possession of 2-5 stolen firearms and obstructing justice.


On July 17 at 5:02pm, Taylorville Police Department officers were dispatched to the 100 block of East Main in reference to a male subject that was intoxicated. Following an investigation, Shawn M. Hill, 27, of Taylorville and Vincent B. Page, 31, of Taylorville were arrested for public intoxication.

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