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The Taylorville Police Department reports the following details on a hit and run incident that occurred last Tuesday. At 8:37 pm, Taylorville Police Department Officers were dispatched to Casey's West in reference to a hit and run involving a pedestrian. The officers arrived and located Rachel A. Dixon, 28, of Taylorville sitting on the ground next to her vehicle which was on the east side of the Country Kitchen parking lot. Dixon was crying and appeared to be in pain. Michael Alberts was nearby, and was pacing and appeared to be upset. Ronnie Samson, Dixon's uncle, was also standing nearby. An officer asked Alberts what had happened. Alberts said Matthew S. Tarrant, 25, of Bulpitt had ran over Dixon in a black Lincoln and left. An officer asked Alberts to elaborate, and he asked the officer if they were going to find Tarrant. The officer relayed the information to another officer, who was attempting to locate the vehicle. Fire and EMS arrived and began tending to Dixon. The officer asked Dixon what happened but she was upset and unable to provide much information. The officer asked Samson what had happened. Samson said he had seen Tarrant drive around the south side of Casey's and strike Dixon, then drive off.

The passenger side door of Dixon's door was open, and an officer could see in plain view of a 24 ounce can of beer that was opened in the cup holder. An officer could see a large metal club laying on the passenger side floor board. The officer removed the can of beer from the vehicle and poured it out. Alberts stated that the beer was his. Dixon was transported to Taylorville Memorial Hospital with minor injuries reported. The vehicle was not immediately located.

At 8:54 pm Matthew Tarrant called post to speak with an officer. There was no body available to speak with him at that moment. Tarrant informed Dispatch that Dixon was attacking him with a metal bat. Tarrant said Dixon struck his vehicle with it, and he may have hit her with his car as he was driving away. An officer later called him back. Tarrant said he was walking into Casey's when Alberts started talking trash to him. Tarrant said he took his shirt off, and approached Alberts. Alberts ran off behind the building. Dixon then came around the building swinging a bat at the ground. He said he got into his car when Dixon came up and started banging on his car. He opened the door and yelled he called the police. She started running away, and he attempted to follow her in his vehicle. He said he rounded the building, and she stopped running. He stepped on the brakes and slid into her. He then took off because he was scared. Dixon and Tarrant used to be in a relationship.

At 9:14 pm, Fara Miller, who is a employee at Casey's, called post and informed Dispatch she had observed the two males arguing. She said there should be video of them arguing, and Tarrant take his shirt off.

At 9:16 pm, Officers were dispatched to Taylorville Memorial Hospital ER in reference to Alberts being unruly. The officers escorted him out of the ER. The officers went out to Dixon's truck, and located the metal club. It was taken as evidence.

On June 25 at approximately 2:30 pm, an officer spoke with Dixon over the phone. The officer asked her about the incident. She informed the officer that Tarrant and Alberts had got into an argument at Casey's. Dixon said she had a metal club, and was hitting it against the ground. Dixon said she only hit his car with her hands.

At approximately 7:30 pm, Tarrant came to post and wrote out a statement form. An officer collected the insurance information for the vehicle, which is a 2000 Black Lincoln LS. The officer also photographed the vehicle. The officer did not see any damage to the vehicle, but did see handprints on the windows on trunk lid.

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