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On June 9 at 8:24am, Janice H. Vincent, 82, of Mount Auburn was southbound on 1230 East Road approaching the intersection at 2600 North Road. Rex W. Wheeler, 30, of Mount Auburn was eastbound on 2600 North Road approaching 1230 East Road. The intersection has a yield sign for vehicles traveling north and south on 1230 East. 2600 North Road is on a grade which makes it difficult for vehicles to see others until they reach the intersection. Vincent failed to yield to Wheeler and the vehicles collided in the intersection. A Christian County Sheriff's Deputy spoke to Vincent who advised that she pulled out in front of Wheeler. Wheeler stated that he did not see Vincent until he was almost in the intersection and he was unable to avoid Vincent. There were some marks in the roadway a couple feet west of the intersection which showed where Wheeler saw Vincent pulling out into the intersection and attempted to stop. Vincent was transported to the Memorial Medical Center in Springfield with injuries described as serious by the report. Wheeler reported injuries that were not physically evident but was not taken to a medical facility.

On June 8 at 1:30 p.m., Kristi A. Bland, 35, of Assumption and Tonda R. Shoraga, 50, of Pana came to the Christian County Sheriff's Office and reported that they were traveling east on 330 North Road approaching the intersection of 2500 East Road. O.R. Mizeur, 74, of Pana was stopped near the intersection and Bland slowed and stopped approximately 2 car lengths behind Mizeur. Mizeur suddenly began backing up and struck Bland in the front bumper. A deputy contacted the driver Mizeur. He stated that he was checking crops and had stopped at the intersection. He started backing up to look at the field and did not realize that Bland was behind him. He stated that he hit the front bumper of Bland. No injuries were reported.

On June 4 at 3:10pm, Timothy E. Corrick, 19, of Edinburg, Wanda J. McConnell, 66, of Rochester, and Erica D. Witt, 19, of Taylorville were all traveling north on Route 29. At 2300 North Road, McConnell started to turn left. Corrick was following McConnell and didn't see that McConnell was turning. Corrick hit the back of McConnell. Witt was following Corrick and was not able to stop in time and hit the back of Corrick. All three vehicles were damage. McConnell was taken to St. John's Hospital in Springfield with injuries describes as minor in the report. Her passenger, Vernon L. McConnell, 61, of Edinburg reported injuries that were not physically evident but refused medical treatment. Witt was taken to the Memorial Medical Center in Springfield with injuries describes as minor in the report. Corrick reported no injuries.


James E. Fishburn, 22, of 113 East Market, Taylorville, was arrested June 9 on a bond forfeiture or contempt of court.

Tamera D. Turley, 48, of 54 Hillcrest, Taylorville, was arrested June 9 on a bond forfeiture for possession of a controlled substance. 




On June 9th, Taylorville Police Department officers were sent to 2100 Grand Boulevard in reference to a 2 vehicle accident and a possible hit and run. Upon arrival, officers determined it was actually a 1-vehicle reckless driver with damage to property. Officers placed a 16-year-old male juvenile of Stonington under arrest for reckless driving and transported him to Taylorville Police Department. The juvenile was later released to his parents with a court date scheduled.

On June 7 at 1:48am, a Taylorville Police Department officer was patrolling near the intersection of North Webster and West Main Cross Streets when the officer noticed a vehicle traveling south on North Webster at what appeared to be a higher rate of speed. The officer confirmed with the radar unit that the vehicle was traveling 41mph in a 30mph zone. The officer turned around on the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop on the south side of the Square. The officer made contact with the driver, Adam M. Passoni, 20, of Taylorville and noticed a strong odor of burnt cannabis emitting from the vehicle. Following the arrest, a search of the vehicle produced alcohol, drug paraphernalia and cannabis. Passoni and two passengers, Tilur M. Miller, 20, of Taylorville and a 15-year-old female juvenile were arrested and transported to Taylorville Police Department to be processed and released.

On June 9th at 8:25pm, 911 radioed of a disturbance at 11 Cherrywood. Taylorville Police Department officers arrived and located Ryan Tester, 32, of Taylorville outside the residence. Tester had previously been issued a no trespass warning by Taylorville Police Department. Tester was arrested for criminal trespass to property and released on a notice to appear.

On June 9 at 7:45pm, a Taylorville Police Department officer was on patrol and observed a male juvenile that the officer knew to have a warrant in the 500 block of South Walnut. The officer attempted to make contact with him but he ran. After a brief foot pursuit, the male juvenile was arrested for the warrant and charge with resisting/obstructing an officer. The male juvenile was transported to the Madison County Juvenile Detention Center.

On June 9, a Taylorville Police Department officer saw James Fishburn, 22, of Taylorville standing near a green car at Taylorville Memorial Hospital. The officer knew Fishburn to have a warrant and verified the warrant through Taylorville Police Department Law Enforcement Agencies Data System. Fishburn was arrested and transported to the Christian County Sheriff's office in lieu of bond.

On June 9 at 2:37pm, Madison M. Durham, 18, of Taylorville failed to yield at a stop sign for Jennifer A. Brady, 26, of Taylorville. Durham struck Brady as she crossed the intersection. Brady was transported to the Taylorville Memorial Hospital for injuries that were described as minor by the report. Durham reported no injuries.

On June 7 at 4:38am, a Taylorville Police Department officer initiated a traffic stop on Cory A. Skinner, 20, of Taylorville at Washington Street and Market Street. During the course of the stop, Skinner fled the scene traveling westbound on Market Street. Skinner continued west on Market Street until running off the road at Houston Street. Skinner slid through a dog kennel, killing one dog inside and injuring another. Skinner continued over the chain linked dog kennel and house and into a tree. Skinner also struck a swing set with a slide, a metal dog bowl, a plastic play house, and kiddy pool. Skinner was taken to Taylorville Memorial Hospital for injuries that were not physically evident.

On June 6 at 9:51pm, Heather Entwistle was parked in front of Clinton J. Hornbuckle, 36, of Edinburg at Major Leagues. While attempting to leave, Hornbuckle's front passenger side struck Entwistle's rear driver side. Hornbuckle then fled the scene of the accident. Hornbuckle was later located at The Loading Zone at 2100 West Spresser Street in Taylorville. No injuries were reported.

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