Local News
At the last Shelbyville Rotary Club meeting, members continued discussion on a new
Rotary community project. The following suggestions have been: a rotary vegetable
garden, new IPad Minis for our school district, support and adopt a section of the
Dacey Trail, an outdoor handball court for the park, devotional books for our
enlisted service people and a Rotary bookshelf and library books for Main Street

The program for the meeting consisted of the announcement and presentation of the
Paul Harris Fellowship Award.  This year’s award winner is Judge Michael 
Kiley, a 30-year veteran of the Shelbyville Rotary Club, who has been 
known for his support and regular attendance at meetings.  Recently, 
Mike presented the initiative for the club to publicly back sales tax 
proposal that raises money to support the construction and maintenance 
for the schools in our educational district. 

The program chairman for the next meeting be Gina Vonderheide. 

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