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A controversial education funding plan is getting the green light in the state senate.  Thirty-two senators voted in favor of the plan that aims to distribute money to schools based on need.  Senator Andy Manar says the most important thing is that the new funding formula can help eradicate poverty and put people on the right track. 

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More affluent school districts would lose state money under the newest proposal, but that loss would be capped at a-thousand-bucks for each student.  Supporters say richer districts won't really feel the squeeze from losing the money because they can sustain themselves with local funds.  That's not the case for schools in poorer districts.  State Senator Andy Manar, who sponsored the bill, says the whole idea is to give poor kids a shot at getting a quality education.  The plan cleared the senate yesterday but won't likely get a vote in the House before session wraps up on Saturday. 

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