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Kincaid Mayor Doug Thomas appeared in court today for a preliminary hearing. Illinois State Police Special Agent Deanna Harton took the stand to give her account of the investigation against Thomas. Harton said that a Christian County Deputy contacted her supervisor about the violation of the order of protection and her supervisor advised that she assist on the case. Harton said that Chadwick Spencer presented her with the text messages that Thomas allegedly sent him on February 18. Harton said there was a text message from Thomas that spoke of the order of protection saying I can’t call you but you can call me.

Harton said they then followed up with Thomas who reportedly admitted to sending the messages. They then found Thomas to be in possession of 9 Adderall pills which later tested positive for amphetamine. Thomas reportedly admitted he did not have a prescription for the drugs and they belonged to someone else but would not release that person’s name.

Defense Attorney Mark Wykoff, Sr. said that Thomas had contacted Spencer initially to tell him of a job interview opportunity that was left on Thomas’ phone. Wykoff asked Harton if the print-off sheet of the messages Spencer handed her or if Spencer’s phone had any indication of replies by him when she looked it over. Harton said there were no replies on the phone or the sheet and she did not ask if Spencer had deleted anything. Wykoff said that Spencer may have deleted his replies and just showed authorities what he wanted them to see. Wykoff then asked about the analysis of Thomas’ phone by ISP Crime Labs. Harton said Thomas said he was having issues with it and took it to AT&T to be repaired and it was wiped but ISP was able to recover some whisper messages that were consistent with the messages he sent Spencer. Wykoff asked if Spencer’s phone was analyzed which Harton said it was not.

The prosecution will be more pursuing the possession of a controlled substance charge which is a Class 4 felony meaning Thomas could face 1-3 years at the Department of Corrections. Thomas will appear back in court June 10 at 2:00pm for pre-trial and June 23 at 8:30am for the jury trial. 

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