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Downstate school superintendents say a new education funding plan making the rounds in Springfield would help them in a big way.  Pana's Dr. David Lett says it'll give them an extra one-point-seven-million dollars to work with next year. 

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Taylorville's Gregg Fuerstanau says Illinois has the worst school funding in the nation.  In fact, thanks to state budget constraints, his district has lost more than two-million-dollars over the past several years.  

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The new funding formula aims to distribute money more equally across the state.  The money will be divvied up based on the needs that each district has.  Schools in richer areas of the state will take a hit when it comes to getting money from the state, but those in poorer districts will get a boost.  Supporters say it'll relieve some of the pressure off of school budgets and keep them from making further cuts to their staff and extra-curricular programs.  

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