Local News


On April 29, Nicholas P. Dupue of Taylorville was traveling south on Spresser Street in the area of Briarcliff Road. Lucy R. Siegrist of Taylorville was turning northeast from Briarcliff onto Spresser Street. Siegrist failed to stop or yield at the posted stop sign and turned into Dupue's lane of travel. Dupue was not able to stop in time to avoid a collision with Siegrist. Dupue reported injuries that were not physically evident but refused medical treatment.

On April 25, a Taylorville Police Department officer was sent to Manners Park for a hit and run traffic crash involving a red Saturn that left the scene and a yellow metal pole belonging to the park. The officer located the metal pole that was struck and bent over and a set of tracks in the grass. A witness gave the officer the license plate and a description of the driver. The officer located the vehicle and driver who was identified as Russel W. Sussen, 17, of Taylorville. Sussen stated his tires went off the roadway and he thought his car was going to flip and he struck the pole.

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