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Pictured above from left, at the Bible Reading Marathon on the north steps of the Christian County Courthouse in Taylorville Saturday night:  The Christian County National Day of Prayer Committee chairwoman Melissa Jones; volunteer Bible reader Cathy Miller; and committee member Rebekah Berger.


The National Day of Prayer is being celebrated again this year in Christian County.

The national observance is always the first Thursday in May, and this year it's May First.

The local committee has put together a week's worth of events before and during the observance this year.

Committee member and Bible Reading Marathon Coordinator Joan Blood told Regional Radio News, that some 100 volunteers have stepped up to help read the Bible aloud from cover to cover. The effort began on the north steps of the Christian County Courthouse Saturday morning at 9, and will continue for some 90 hours thru Tuesday. Blood says it's the 7th consecutive year this event has been held.

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She says she puts it together each year as a way to get believers together.

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Blood says some 100 volunteers from a number of churches participate in the Bible Reading Marathon each year.

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This year's National Day of Prayer service for Christian County, takes place Thursday night.

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Blood adds that Taylorville Mayor Greg Brotherton will host a Mayor's Prayer Breakfast on Thursday morning at 7 at the Manners Park Dining Hall. County board members and officers have been invited, and the public is welcome to attend. To make a reservation, contact Melissa Jones, who is the chairwoman of the Christian County National Day of Prayer.

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