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On April 19, a Christian County Sheriff's Deputy was informed of a one care accident at 1625 North 2525 East Road in Moweaqua. Upon arrival, the deputy met with the Moweaqua Fire Department who advised that the driver was not on scene but a fireman did observe a Mustang drive away from the area. Following investigation, the deputy learned that Parker R. Webster of Moweaqua was traveling south on 2525 East Road from 1800 North Road. About 1 mile north of 1600 East Road, the road makes a jog. Webster's first skid marks started in this area. Webster's vehicle then slid sideways into a utility pole snapping the pole in two, flipped once, and landed back on its wheels. Webster received damage to the driver's side, roof, bed side, and passenger side. Webster was taken to Decatur Memorial Hospital for treatment of injuries that were not physically evident

On April 21, Donald R. Beyers of Pana was traveling north on 2300 East Road. Just north of 100 North Road, a deer ran into the roadway. Beyers hit the deer causing damage to the front and passenger side of the vehicle.

On April 22, Michael W. Steinkuehler of Edinburg was eastbound on 2450 North Road approaching 1400 East Road. Steinkuehler was going to fast to negotiate the curve on 2450 North Road. The curve is marked with warning arrows indicating the direction of the curve. Steinkuehler ran off the road approximately 250 feet west of 1400 East Road. Steinkuehler traveled approximately 90 feet after running off the road. Steinkuehler went down on the left side and was ejected from the vehicle. Steinkuehler was transported to Memorial Medical Center for treatment of injuries.

On April 18, Richard W. Lee of Taylorville was traveling north on 1600 East Road. Lee proceeded through the intersection of 1600 East and 1800 North and went past "Road Closed" signs at the intersection. Lee then attempted to go around the barricade that was blocking the roadway and continue north. When Lee attempted to go around the barricade, he hit a wash out in the road that the barricades were blocking. After hitting the wash out, Lee lost control of his motorcycle. The motorcycle then fell on its side and slid down the roadway. The distance the motorcycle traveled after Lee had fallen off is unknown. Lee was transported to Memorial Medical Center for treatment of injuries.


Dalvon M. Jackson, 36, of 905 West Franklin Street, Taylorville, was arrested April 23 for domestic battery.

Gayle L. Miller, 36, of 206 South State Street, Pana, was arrested April 22 for possession of methamphetamine and on a bond forfeiture for driving under the influence of drugs.


On April 22 at 4:49pm, a Taylorville Police Department officer made contact with Gayle L. Miller, 36, of Pana, who had an active warrant, at Car Wash City on 204 North Main Street. Miller was place under arrest and upon further investigation, Miller was also charge with possession of methamphetamine. Miller was lodged at the Christian County Sheriff's Office.

On April 22 at 10:22pm, Taylorville Police Department officers were out at 905 West Franklin in reference to a domestic disturbance. After an investigation, Dalvon M. Jackson, 36, of Taylorville was arrested for domestic battery. Jackson was transported to Taylorville Police Department, processed, and lodged at the Christian County Correctional Center.


On April 21, Michael S. Booker of Vandalia stated his van was parked in front of 6088 South Clay Street. At some point in the early morning hours of April 19th and 20th, his van was struck on the driver's side.

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