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U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis of Taylorville has announced that he has been selected to serve on the Congressional Human Trafficking Task Force.

Davis says Human trafficking is a $9 billion a year industry that affects more than 20 million victims, primarily young women and girls, around the world.

The Congressional Human Trafficking Task Force was formed by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor to bring Members together to produce legislation with the goal of combating international and domestic trafficking, while protecting and helping victims.

Last month, Davis co-sponsored the SAVE Act which is legislation to combat human trafficking and help protect Americans by closing Internet marketplaces that host advertisements for the commercial exploitation of women and minors.

Specifically, this bill will make it unlawful to sell or commercially promote an advertisement that facilitates kidnapping; trafficking or exploitation of children; sexual abuse or illegal sex; pimping, prostitution, child sex abuse and trafficking.

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