Local News

The Kincaid Village board voted unanimously to end the pay of already suspended Chief of Police, Richard Adams. It was determined that Adams could not be released as of this time, but the village would have no responsibility to continue to pay him while he is on administrative leave.

After a 20 minute executive session period, the board approved the hiring of new city clerk, Marla Hodson. It was the recommendation of the Mayor and village secretary that the board hire Hodson as she was the most qualified for the position. Before the board could act on the recommendation, one board member made a motion to hire another candidate. The motion was quickly seconded. This prompted the mayor to request a motion to go to executive session. Upon return, Marla Hodson was chosen unanimously. It was agreed upon that Hodson would begin at an hourly wage of $12.70 per hour. She will be eligible for an increase to $15.70 per hour at the end of a probationary period and upon review of the board. It was determined that the new clerk would work 9 to 3 with a half hour lunch. This would also be reviewed at a later date.

In other business, 2 sealed bids were opened for the sale of a truck, however it was decided not to accept either bid. The truck will be advertised in a national magazine or placed on e-bay. The board also agreed to once again sponsor the spring cleanup this year with the dates to be determined at the next meeting.

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