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The attempted murder charge against 24-year-old Reginald Britton of Springfield has been dismissed by the State. After presenting their case, Appellate Prosecutor Michael Vujovich made a motion to dismiss the one count of attempted murder and the one count of aggravated battery against Britton. Britton was facing the charge of attempted murder for allegedly beating 37-year-old Roxanna Fanshier of Jacksonville severely and leaving her for dead in a dog kennel in Edinburg in November of 2011. Public Defender Greg Grigsby said the State lacked the necessary evidence to put Britton at the scene of the crime. The lone piece of evidence that put Britton on the scene was a hat. While the DNA results showed the hat was worn mostly by Britton, there were several other small traces of DNA on it that could not be identified. The State will continue on with one charge of aggravated domestic battery.

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