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Caroline Reynolds and Phil Miller

The Shelbyville Rotary Club held their weekly meeting Monday at the Shelbyville Memorial Hospital. A round of applause was made for Shelbyville Superintendent Denise Bence, retired judge Mike Kiley, and the Rotary Club for the efforts that were put forth in the passage of the school referendum initiative. 


Bence, in discussion, stated that the school is meeting with HVAC contractors to decide what manner of heating/cooling system would be best to replace the current unit that is in the high school.  She anticipates that this project should be completed in about one year from this summer.


Phil Miller was this week’s program chairman.  His keynote speaker was the club’s newest member, Caroline Reynolds.  Her topic was “The New Visions” in-hospital drug rehabilitation program.  This program provides medical care for alcohol and opiate withdrawal.  The program has helped over 500 patients recover from drug/alcohol last year. 


This program is one of the few medically supervised programs of its type in the area.  Caroline said she spends a lot of time on the road going to health fairs, marketing, and visiting rehab centers like Hour House in Charleston to successfully get the word out for this program.  She notes that most of the clients come from outside of Shelbyville.  After completing the program in hospital, they are then referred to ongoing alcohol and drug rehab counseling, such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous for further support.  The New Visions program is an independently-owned service from Special Care Hospital Management Corporation, and situated in SMH. 

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