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In what should have been a tame meeting, the Trustees and Mayor of Kincaid met in special session to determine the necessary duties, hours and pay of the Village Clerk to be hired. The Village is in need of a clerk in the  wake of the firing of previous clerk Cindy Orrison. Orrison was fired during a heated meeting earlier this month that saw the mayor and chief of police under fire and the many in attendance taking sides.

It was determined by the Trustees that applications would be taken March 25th through April 4th. A special meeting will be held on April 7th at 7 pm  to review the applications with a possible hire to be made during the regular board meeting on April 14th.

There was much discussion about the duties of the Village Clerk being very extensive and that since the firing of Orrison, the village had to hire outside agencies to help with some of the payroll and taxes. It was mentioned by one of the trustees that someone should learn the processes in addition to the clerk just in case there was ever another time that the village was without a clerk. It was suggested by on attendee that perhaps the trustees should all learn the process.

Many in attendance wanted to discuss other issues, but Attorney Fines reminded everyone that the sole purpose of the meeting was to determine the requirements of the Village Clerk.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:25.

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