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The Land of Lincoln Honor Flight (LLHF) will honor 88 Veterans by taking them on a no expense, day long trip to Washington, DC, so they may visit and reflect at their national memorials on Tuesday March 25th. Local veterans on the flight will be:

Hillsboro:   Joe "Doc" Page, Army, Vietnam Era

Shelbyville:  Leslie "Les" Black, Navy, WW2

Taylorville:  Roy "Dick" Ziegler II, Army, Vietnam Era

Morrisonville:  Gilbert "Gib" Meiners, Army, Korean Era

Nokomis:  Gene Johnson, Army, Korean Era

                   Jim Reese, Army, Korean Era

                   Donald Stauder, Army, Korean Era

This is the first flight of the 2014 season. The public is invited to welcome home the Veterans when they return to the Springfield Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport on March 25th, arriving at approximately 9:30 PM.

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