Local News

The Shelbyville Rotary Club held their weekly meeting at Shelbyville Manor. Member, Kristy Gorden invited the Club as guests, for lunch and an informational talk.


Gorden told the club that the meals prepared for the residents in Bounce Back are home-cooked. Bounce Back is a program that allows people to place to stay and recover on a short-term basis. Some of the activities include, the morning newspaper reading-to help those with vision problems, field trips-like to the Pumpkin Patch, and physical rehabilitation. An adult Day-care is offered as a place for families to care for their loved ones during the day.


Garden Court is the Alzheimer's\dementia unit. It offers a number of planned daily activities for the residents.  Among the many services available on-site are different therapists providing occupational, physical, respiratory, and speech therapies. AJ's Fitness assists in recovery from post-operative weakness, as well as hip and knee replacement recovery. The Club met Diana Agney, physical therapist, and Jim Watton, who works in the Restorative Program.

Shelbyville Manor and Hawthorne Inn are active in many events supporting the local community. They host blood donation drives and fundraisers for the Chautauqua building and have a volunteer program which is open to people in the community looking to volunteer their time or talent to help the residents.

Liz Nohren is the program coordinator for the next meeting. Her guest and keynote speaker will be Judge Erika Sanders. 

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