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The snow has fallen extra hard across Illinois this winter. According to the National Weather Service, Central Illinois towns have seen snowfall totals between 10-20 inches above normal including Effingham which has seen 32.2 inches this year compared to an average of 15.2 inches. Christian County Emergency Management Agency Manager Mike Crews reports the following snowfall totals and where they rank amongst recorded snowfalls:

Kincaid - 35.4"     This is the 2nd snowiest winter in Kincaid since records started in 1973. The snowiest was 49.4" in 1977-78

Morrisonville - 23.2"    This is the 8th snowiest winter in Morrisonville since records started in 1948. The snowiest was 49.0" in 1981-82

Pana - 33.4"    This is the 10th snowiest winter in Pana since records started in 1890. The snowiest was 60.7" in 1977-78

Taylorville - 28.8"     This is the 3rd snowiest winter in Taylorville since records started in 1941. The snowiest was 37.5" in 1961-62. NOTE: There were no observations in Taylorville during much of the 1970s and 1980s when extreme amounts of snow occurred.

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