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One of the most frustrating criminal acts effecting our community, along with every other community, are the constant attempts and unfortunately successful attempts to persuade hardworking people of all ages to give up their money for some just cause which has no merit, commonly referred to as scams. These scams come to us in many different forms such as through credit/debit cards, alleged bank alerts, the internet, text messages, and phone calls. Many of these scams are looking for the quick buck whereas some work towards obtaining your identity.

In order to help fight back in providing valuable information to help educate the potential victim, the Taylorville Police Department and the Christian County TRIAD will be hosting an informational seminar this Thursday at 9:30am in the lower level of the Municipal Building/Police Department located at 108 West Vine Street. This event is open to everyone.

George Seavers of the Illinois Comptroller’s Office will be present to provide the most current information concerning credit/debit cards, scams, and identity theft. The seminar is free of charge and refreshments will be provided.

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