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Upon recommendation of State’s Attorney Mike Havera, the Christian County Board voted unanimously to send back to committee a decision on the request for a Private Club for indoor handgun and long gun range with an outdoor archery range and fishing pond. The request had been made by Taylorville resident Joshua Assad. It was recommended by Havera that the committee review the request for evidentiary and safety issues. It was suggested that perhaps Mr. Assad could put together a presentation that would answer many of the concerns. Many residents were on hand to hear a final decision but will need to come back in order to get that decision.

The board also approved an ordinance to address the issue of  wild dogs and slaughtered sheep. In May of last year, wild dogs had attacked and slaughtered 22 sheep. The State of Illinois requires counties to be responsible for the actions of wild dogs under the Animal Control Act. It was determined that the value of the sheep was approximately $1964. There were also charges of $500 for burial and $302 in vet fees. The ordinance demands that a line item be set aside to disburse funds with a cap of $3000 for reimbursement  to the owner of slain livestock by wild dogs by providing the fair market value of the type of animal slain as well as damages incurred.

In other business, the board approved the renewal of liquor licenses for 7 establishments and 2 fair grounds. The board also approved an amendment to the current liquor ordinance requiring that required BASSETT training certifications for all employees serving alcohol be submitted along with the annual application.

Minutes of the previous meeting, as well as claims for payment were approved. The meeting adjourned at 6:58 pm.

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