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On February 10 at approximately 10:35pm, a Christian County Sheriff's Deputy responded to a property damage call at 251 North 2700 East Road in Pana. The deputy arrived on scene and spoke with the complainant who stated a white SUV had driven through his fence and into his back yard. The complainant stated the SUV then left his property and proceeded west toward Pana on 250 North. The deputy took pictures of the damage fence and left the residence. A Pana Police Department officer later contacted the deputy by phone and advised of a white SUV parked on Fair Avenue. The officer stated he made contact with the owner of the SUV who stated her friend had borrowed it earlier and gotten stuck. The deputy proceeded to 502 Fairy Avenue and spoke with the owner of the White SUV who told the deputy the same thing as the Pana PD officer. The deputy then spoke with the friend who was identified as Maggie D. Lowe, 38, of Pana. Lowe admitted to hitting the fence and stated she fled the scene because she did not have a valid license. Lowe was placed under arrest for criminal damage to property. After speaking with Lowe, the deputy determine the damage to be an accident and released her. Lowe was issued citations for driving while license suspended, failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident and failure to report accident to police authority.


Heather L. Cline, 21, of 201 North Brents, Taylorville, was arrested February 12 on a warrant for felon/failure to return.

Ashley J. Leonard, 25, of 205 Elm Street, Kincaid, was arrested February 12 on a bond forfeiture for failure to appear.

Charles J. Postell, 18, of 1212 West Pouline Apt. 3, Taylorville, was arrested February 12 for methamphetamine delivery and possession of cannabis.

Leonard S. Gordon, 42, of 509 North Chestnut Street, Pana, was arrested February 13 for domestic battery.

Orville B. Craig, 36, of 317 Taft Street, Taylorville, was arrested February 12 for filing a false report.



On February 8 at approximately 5:21 am, Taylorville Police Department dispatch received a call from a male subject in reference to an unknown assistance at 1203 Galveston Drive. When two officers were arrived, dispatch stated they had received an additional call from a female subject this time stating the male subject was waiting by the door with a knife to attack responding officers. One officer took a K9 partner and approached the house. While approaching the front of the house, suspect Frank K. Sedlock, 27, of Taylorville walked out of the front door of the residence and started to yell at responding officers. Sedlock was subdued and secured in handcuffs. After a brief investigation, Sedlock was arrested and transported to Taylorville Police Department to be processed for criminal damage to property and disorderly conduct. Sedlock was issued a citation for driving while license suspended. He was released on a notice to appear.

On February 12 at 3:22pm, a Taylorville Police Department officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle at Adams and Clay. Following the stop, Antonio Hayes, 32, of Springfield was arrested for driving while license is revoked and Charles J. Postell, 18, of Taylorville was arrested for methamphetamine delivery and possession of cannabis.

On February 7, John S. McMillan, 82, of Taylorville and Colton R. White, 19, of Stonington were traveling northbound on South Spresser Street. White stated he stopped in traffic waiting for a semi to turn into Watson Foods. McMillan stated he saw White stopped in the roadway. McMillan due to the ice on the roadway could not stop in time and struck White in the rear end. McMillan was issued a citation for failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident.

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