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The U-S Senate this (Tuesday) afternoon passed a 5-year farm bill.  It had passed the U-S House last week.  It is expected to be signed by President Obama.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said following the vote by the Senate, that the new farm bill will create economic opportunity and jobs.  He added that while the legislation isn’t perfect, it provides meaningful reform and billions in savings for taxpayers while investing in American agriculture.

Illinois Farm Bureau president Rich GEE-burt said the state’s largest farm organization was extremely pleased.  He added the bill strengthens the federal crop insurance program, provides risk management for livestock producers, and encourages the U-S-D-A to expedite implementation of disaster assistance.  GEE-bert called the bill fiscally responsible.

Both houses in Washington have haggled over the farm bill for over 2 years, passing short term extensions while a long-term bill was negotiated.


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