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Area Arrests/Crashes/Incidents 1-10-14


Rodney G. Smith, 23, of 205 East Samuel Street, Assumption, was arrested January 9 on a bond forfeiture for driving on a suspended license.

On January 9, Deborah K. Amos, 52, of Edinburg, was northbound on Campbell Street approaching the intersection with Franklin Street in Taylorville. Jeffrey L. Good, 42, of Stonington was westbound on Franklin Street approaching Campbell Street. Good stated that he saw the bus coming out into the intersection and attempted to stop to avoid the collision. Good was unable to stop due to the snow packed roads and ice under the snow. Amos stated that she had slowed down to almost a stop at the stop sign when the bus began to slide out into the intersection. The roadway was covered in slick packed snow with underlying ice. When Amos slid into the intersection, she attempted to clear the intersection. Amos was able to get the passenger area clear of the intersection but was unable to get enough traction to accelerate and completely clear the intersection. Good hit Amos just on the right rear causing minor damage to Amos and front end damage to Good. No injuries were reported.



On January 9 at 12:36am, Walmart Loss Prevention advised they had a female shoplifter. The female was identified as Kristen Ryan, 20, of Litchfield. Ryan attempted to leave the store without paying for several items which included clothing and a personal hygiene product (value $55.09). Photo of stolen items placed into evidence. Ryan was arrested and transported to Taylorville Police Department where she was processed and released on a notice to appear.

On January 9 at 7:52am, Taylorville Police Department officers were dispatched to a two vehicle accident in the 200 block of North Cherokee Street. Officers arrived and spoke to both parties.Jamie L. Adams, 43, of Taylorville stated she was going north on Cherokee and observed David J. Carter, 72, of Taylorville starting to back out of a private drive. Adams stated she started honking her horn but Carter continued and struck her vehicle in the passenger side front end. Carter stated he was backing out and did not see Adams. Carter had rear passenger quarter panel and bumper damage. Adams had front end and passenger front quarter panel damage. Both vehicles were driveable and no injuries were reported.

On January 9th at 9:05am, Tom D. Clapp, 33, of Norton, Kansas, was westbound on East Park Street and was hauling on its trailer a Case 7230 Combine. The combine struck the railroad underpass. The railroad was contacted to inspect the underpass. The underpass did not appear to be damaged. At the time of this report, the railroad(Northfolk and Southern) has not gotten back with the Taylorville Police Department on any damage. The combine on Clapp's trailer had major damage to the top of the combine. The trailer had a Kansas license plate displayed on the rear.



On January 9, Don Owens, 73, of Nokomis was backing from a parking spot at the Pana Liqour Store when he struck, Krista L. Ermovick’s, 42, of Rosamond, vehicle which was parked. Owens had minor damage while Ermovick had major damage. No injuries reported.

On January 9, David W. Moore, 43, of Pana was southbound on alley way between Carr and Michael Street approaching Front Street. Wesley A. Schmitz, 20, of Shelbyville was eastbound on Front Street. Moore failed to stop at intersection and struck Schmitz in the driver’s side causing damage to Schmitz’s vehicle. No damage to Moore’s vehicle which had a snow plow blade on the front end.

On January 9, James J. Elder, 49, of Rosamond was snow plowing McDonald’s parking lot. Elder would exit the west end and turn on Main Street then South Poplar and back into McDonald’s. Kevin L. Schackmann, 45, of Ramsey was traveling south on South Poplar. Schackmann advised Elder pulled out in front of him and due to the road conditions, he could not stop. Elder advised Schackmann was speeding. Roads were snow and slush. No injuries reported.       

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